Maliha Shirzay

Maliha Shirzay

Afghanistan Programme Intern


Maliha is currently studying her third Masters’ degree since she arrived in Sweden approximately ten years ago, and her aim is to continue on to a doctorate.

During her internship at RWI, Malia’s role will be to support our research fellows from Afghanistan (Ehsan, Sonia, Hanifa and Ramizpoor) with their research.
Malia will also work directly with Richard, building on her own knowledge, and on her networks and experiences as an Afghan woman, potentially also conducting some research of her own.

In her free time, Maliha actively participates in community activities in Malmö. She is a leader in the Afghan Forum Afghanska Akademiska kulturcentrum i Sverige and a founder and President of an organization that focuses on women’s rights in Afghanistan called the International Afghan Enlightened Women, which primarily helps young girls in Afghanistan pursue higher education. She is also involved with a charity organization called Rahela Trust, which assists Afghan girls in pursuing their education, and is an active member of the Afghan Women Leader Forum.

In addition to all this, Maliha has worked as an intern research assistant with SASNET (the South Asian Studies Network), on two projects looking at the integration of refugees in Sweden.