Affiliated Researcher
Cell phone: +4673 067 69 01

Lejla Sunagic is a PhD fellow coming from a multidisciplinary academic background in Arabic Studies (BA), Human Rights (MA) Sociology and Social Anthropology (MA).

Before joining RWI, she worked on social inclusion, gender equality and human-rights based protection in humanitarian contexts impacted by the most challenging movements of people, like internal migration in DRC, mixed migration in Libya and the Horn of Arica, or the Syrian Refugee Crisis in the Middle East.

Currently, she works on the project that seeks to understand how the Syrian refugees in the first countries of asylum (Lebanon and Turkey) perceive and response to risks and opportunities that have a bearing on their decision to remain where they are or move onwards, whether within one country or across an international border.

Her research interests fall under the themes of human rights, gender equality, people of the move, and multi-level governance.