Karol Nowak

Karol Nowak

Doctor of Laws, associate prof. Director of the Master´s Programme in International Human Rights Law

Phone: + 46 46 222 12 35
E-mail: karol.nowak@rwi.lu.se

Karol is currently working as an associate professor of law at Lund University in Sweden and is the Director of the university’s master’s program in international human rights law.

Prior to his current positions, Karol worked as a researcher for RWI and as a lecturer for Gothenburg University focusing mainly, but not exclusively, on matters concerning the right to a fair trial.

Karol also has wide-ranging experience of regulatory impact assessment in the field of human rights law, procedural law and constitutional law. He has been a partner in two FP-7 funded projects, DETECTER and SURVEILLE and has worked extensively on various projects in multiple countries.