Carlo Zucchini

Carlo Zucchini

Communications Intern


Carlo Zucchini is currently serving as a Communications Intern at the headquarters of RWI in Lund. He is simultaneously pursuing a Master’s degree in Leadership for Sustainability at Malmö University. Prior to this, he acquired a Bachelor’s degree in Communication from Università del Progetto di Reggio Emilia, along with a Bachelor of Arts degree in European Studies from Malmö University. He further enriched his academic experience with a Higher Education Diploma in Compositing VFX from Jönköping University.

Aside from his core academic pursuits, Carlo has also taken individual courses in Serious Games Design from Uppsala University, Politics and Art from Göteborgs Universitet (GU), Global Ethics from Stockholms Universitet (SU), UX and Digital Product Design from Berghs School of Communication, and Geographical Information System from Göteborgs Universitet (GU).

Joining RWI gives Carlo the opportunity to delve deeper into the realm of human rights and comprehend the intricacies of humanitarian projects. He harbors a keen interest in human rights and is devoted to communicating the impact of our programs and efforts effectively.

Born in Bologna, Italy, Carlo is proficient in both Italian and English. He is also currently improving his Swedish language skills.