Research in Belarus

Human Rights Research

We have worked with hundreds of Belarusian academics and students to strengthen their capacities in human rights and gender research. Our work also included support to the Human Rights Centre (HRC)  as well as promotion of human rights resources among researchers, students and librarians.

Establishment of the Human Rights Centre

Annual conference of the Human Rights Centre held in Minsk in 2019

We have helped establish the Human Rights Centre, a key national platform for interdisciplinary research on

human rights in Belarus. The Human Rights Centre has helped improves quality and availability of this research through the various methodology tools and the mentorship provided for researchers. Since 2016, dozens of Belarusian academics researched and mentored their peers on various human rights and gender issues. The relevance of research has increased by bringing in practitioners and representatives from various sectors (e.g. judiciary, prosecution, CSOs) to provide substantive feedback in the research process. The cross-sectoral collaboration of academics with other actors was further supported via annual conferences of Human Rights Centre. Attended by hundreds of participants in 2018 and 2019, they provided a platform for a discussion about human rights issues by representatives of multiple disciplines, sectors and nationalities.

Increased access to human rights resources

As the only international cooperation of this kind in Belarus, we have united representatives from 6 faculty libraries to promote human rights resources via online platforms. The librarians have not only strengthened their collaboration with their peers from different faculties but also increased their collaboration with teachers and students. Over the years, Belarusian teachers and librarians developed an open-source catalogue of human rights resources as well as an online catalogue with over 900 gender resources.

Belarusian librarians learning how to update human rights resources for the LibGuide platform during a workshop in Minsk in 2019.