Textbook: Gender and Law (RU)


The Gender and Law Textbook was developed by RWI with and for its academic partners in Belarus between 2015 and 2020, and aims to serve as course literature for courses in gender and law established at partner faculties in this period. The book features gender related aspects of main branches of current legislation in Belarus, and tries to outline further and principal development vectors related to gender mainstreaming and integration. As a comprehensive and easy-to-follow source of knowledge for law students but also for practicing lawyers and a wide range of readers having no specialization in law, this textbook was written by Belarusian academics with support from RWI. It explains concepts of gender, and gender in law and policy, and traces the evolution of legal norms that enshrine the principle of gender equality. Considerable attention is paid to international standards of gender equality, which underlie gender policy and the issues of their implementation in Belarus. From different perspectives, the textbook examines gender aspects in specific branches of Belarusian law. Branches of law discussed in the book from the point of view of gender sensitivity, are: constitutional law, administrative law, administrative-tort law, criminal law, criminal procedural law, civil law, family and labor law, as well as criminology.






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