Gender Stereotypes Study (in Russian)


This study is based on surveys among students conducted at seven faculties of six universities in the Republic of Belarus, aimed to map gender stereotypes within this group. This was the second such study in the framework of a 10 year RWI cooperation with Belarusian universities, which included a strong component of support to education and research regarding gender equality. The first study was carried out in 2012 at three partner faculties, and featured a sociological analysis on gender stereotypes common among young students. The second study had a comparable approach, but targeted a wider group of students, as more faculties had joined the cooperation since 2012. The second study, presented here, makes a comparative analysis of the opinions of male students and female students at partner universities during various phases of academic cooperation with RWI. While the group is not fully comparable (new faculties added), the study indicates that present-day students are less prone to stereotypical thinking than their peers 8 years earlier.

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