Enforcement of the Orders of the African Court for Payment of Fair Compensation to the Victims of Human Rights Violations: A Comparative View

By: P. Chogero

ISBN: 978-91-86910-56-3


Enforcement of the orders of an international tribunal ensures justice for the victims of human rights violations by holding accountable the perpetrators of violations. The right to an effective remedy and reparations for the breach of human rights are the fundamental principles of international law that courts and tribunals have recognised over the years.

This paper adds to the wealth of literature on the enforcement and implementation of the decisions of the African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights (African Court). It answers the question: when the African Court issues an order for monetary compensation, are there sufficient mechanisms at the international level to enable victims of human rights to realise their rights?

 The emphasis shall be on the new Rules of the Court adopted in September 2020 with a comparative view with other international human rights tribunals. The paper will also analyse the challenges imposed by the very nature of the regional Court and the opportunities available for the victims and litigants before the Court.

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