A 10 year journey of promoting Gender Equality in and Through Academia in Belarus


This publication was developed by RWI and its academic partners in Belarus in the period 2010-2020, and is meant to serve as a reference and source of inspiration for institutions of higher education. It walks the reader through 10 years of progress in the promotion of gender equality within Belarusian academia and describes different tools for promoting gender equality. In particular, the report features a detailed guide to the implementation and development of gender audits and gender plans at academic institutions. Among other, the explained tools aim to sensitize relevant decision makers within academia to the values of gender equality. The publication presents interesting results and findings from years of development and implementation of gender plans and gender audits at two faculties at Belarusian universities: the Faculty of International Relations at the Belarus State University (BSU FIR), and the Faculty of Management Technologies and Humanitarization (sic) at the Belarus National Technical University (BNTU FMTH). The publication also shares lessons learned of relevance for other higher education institutions, in Belarus and elsewhere, who embark on the pursuit of positive change towards gender equality in their respective fields of work.

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