The challenge and promises of intersectionality in Morocco : a toolkit to identify, expose and dismantle multiple and intersectional discriminations

By: Maha Tazi, Teresa Cappiali

Publisher: Heinrich Böll Stiftung Rabat - Maroc

Keywords: Democratization, Morocco

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This publication “the challenges and promises of intersectionality in Morocco” (“les défis et les promesses de intersectionalité au Maroc”; “تحديات ووعود التَّقَاطُعِيَّة في المغرب”), was developed with NGOs in Morocco. Together with her collegue Maha Tazi, Teresa Cappiali implemented a pilot study for the project “Democratization and Human Rights: Training modules and material on Intersectionality in Morocco”. By using a co-participatory design, they sought to develop context-sensitive tools to address discrimination of the most vulnerable groups – single mothers, immigrants, marginalized minors, LGBTQ+, Berbers – in Morocco. The pilot study provides valuable insight on how to develop training modules and toolkits with the use of Transformative pedagogy, it is addressed to NGOs in Morocco and exclusively uses examples of best practices by NGOs in Morocco.
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