Responsible Business Conduct in Cambodia

This textbook focusses on ‘responsible business conduct’ (RBC) and has a special focus on the impact of businesses on our human rights. From small local market food stalls to large multinational
enterprises, there is evidence everywhere of business activity. Some central questions considered in the textbook are in what ways are human rights relevant to businesses, what practical and concrete actions can businesses take, and how can businesses not respecting human rights be held to account by the state and society?

This is the first textbook on RBC and human rights in Cambodia. It reflects a collaboration of 18 scholars and practitioners either from Cambodia or having extensive practical experience living and working in Cambodia. Whilst there are books and materials on RBC and human rights, what is unique in this text is the focus on the Cambodian context. The contributors of the textbook draw on laws and policies, credible and reliable reports, cases, data, news media, and academic work, as well as the authors’ knowledge of Cambodia and experience in the country. It therefore offers theoretically informed and contextualized perspectives on RBC and human rights in Cambodia, and the challenges faced by business, affected people and the government.

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