Business and Human Rights After Ruggie: Foundations, the Art of Simplification and the Imperative of Cumulative Progress

By: Radu Mares

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Page Reference: 1-50

ISBN: 9789004210516

Prof. Ruggie’s work, with the ‘Protect, Respect and Remedy’ Framework (2008) and Guiding Principles (2011) as its peak, is multilayered and comprehensive. Instead of a dry, tedious description this introductory chapter will give the floor often to the SRSG: readers will find numerous quotations and references that will allow him or her to follow Ruggie’s reasoning. Ruggie should be commended for the way he explained many of his choices through accessibly-written reports, working papers, academic journal articles, speeches, interviews and private exchanges with countless individuals. Many of these documents will be referenced herein. Annex 1 to this introduction lists all the SRSG reports for easy reference. The intention here is to provide some context to the arguments contributors to this volume make and emphasise some issues of special relevance to those interested in a regulatory and governance perspective on CSR.

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