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Here we have gathered publications and blog posts written by our China team, affiliated experts and researchers.



Towards Stockholm+50: China’s role in global environmental governance

Women's rights in environmental law, from 1972 to today

Kenya's energy transition risks being derailed by human rights failures

The Rights of Persons with Disabilities and Older Persons in a Pandemic: Findings from Two Studies Conducted in China

The Human Rights of Women


My Journey as a Public Interest Lawyer for the Rights of Women: Passion,Dream, Responsibility, Action and Thinking

The Role of Social Work in Juvenile Justice: International Experiences

Unbundling the human right to a clean and healthy environment and its role in enhancing grassroots voice and activism

The Road to Kunming, and Why It Matters

Why Rights and Biodiversity are Interdependent: Findings from Two Studies Conducted in China

Can China Take the Lead in the UN Biodiversity Process? Findings from Two Studies Conducted in China

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