Annika Ben David

Podcast: States Are Using the Pandemic to Shrink Democratic Space

In our latest episode of “On Human Rights” we spoke with Annika Ben David about the importance of democracy during the global pandemic, gender equality and the Drive for Democracy initiative. 

Annika Ben David
Ambassadör Annika Ben David Foto: Catarina Axelsson, Regeringskansliet

“States are using the pandemic to shrink democratic space,” says Annika Ben David

Annika Ben David is Sweden’s Ambassador at large for Human Rights, Democracy and the Rule of Law at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. She is a career diplomat since 25 years and have worked with peace and international security at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, and with human rights in Africa, in the Middle East and in Europe. The Ambassador for Human Rights represents Swedish policy in international organisations and in contact with other countries.

In the podcast, Annika stressed that democracy around the world is unfortunately in decline. More people currently live in countries with authoritarian tendencies than in countries making democratic progress. Democratic processes are being undermined.

This is why, in its 2019 Statement of Foreign Policy, Sweden launched a drive for democracy. Sweden will stand up for democratic principles in all contexts, such as citizen participation, human rights, representative government, gender equality, separation of powers, the rule of law, free media, independent institutions, social equality and integration.

Listen to the podcast here

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