Dunja Mijatović

Podcast: A Europe Without Human Rights?

In this episode of ‘On Human Rights,’ RWI’s Christina Geijer sits down with Ms. Dunja Mijatović, the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights. Dunja Mijatović speaks about the current state of human rights in Europe, the threats and opportunities if member states come together.

“My role as Commissioner for Human Rights is to keep states alert to the problems that may restrict people’s ability to enjoy their rights, and to help them find solutions to improve human rights protection and implementation. To achieve this goal, I intend to work closely with all those who can make a difference -governments, national authorities, human rights defenders, journalists, NGOs, and educators. Human rights are not only a matter of states’ compliance with law and standards: they also require the support of society as a whole. Each of us must engage in the everyday implementation of human rights.”

Listen to the podcast below!

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