On Human Rights Podcast : Discussing the 1325 United Nations Resolution on Women, Peace & Security

Listen to our latest On Human Rights Podcast with Petra Tötterman Andorff, Secretary General of the Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation.

The 1325 Resolution on Women, Peace & Security was adopted by the United Nations  in 2000. This landmark resolution drew three main objectives:
– To ensure women participation in peace agreement processes
– The integration of gender perspectives into peace agreements.
– The protection of women and girls against conflict related sexual violence
This week we sat down with Petra to discuss its achievements and challenges. As the Secretary General of the organisation, Petra also offered us an overview of the role of the Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation in its implementation.
Why peace agreements tend to be more sustainable when women are involved in their adoption?
Why women still tend to be excluded from the signatories?
How to ensure a better implementation of the 1325 Resolution?
These are questions we are discussing in this podcast. Enjoy!
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Credits for the music : Siddhartha Corsus – Winds of Change
Credits for the photo : Viktor Gårdsäter
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