EPISODE 4 – Building Hopes: Engaged Educators Change the World

Building Hopes: Engaged Educators Change the World is a four part series podcast launched on 28th April. In episode 4, we meet Monica Cabarcas speaking about Community-Based Advocacy, and Intersectionality for Reconciliation in Colombia.

Episode 4. Community-Based Advocacy, and Intersectionality for Reconciliation in Colombia

Guest: Monica Cabarcas

Monica Cabarcas is an Advisor for The Commission for Clarification of the Truth, Coexistence and Non-Repetition (CEV) and has more than 12 years of experience working with civil society organizations. In the interview, we ask her about how critical and transformative pedagogy is integrated in the advocacy strategies and community-based projects used by the Commission of Truth and Reconciliation to promote a culture of peace after 60 years of armed conflict in Colombia.

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The Podcast Series is created and hosted by

Teresa Cappiali

Teresa is a Senior Researcher at the Raoul Wallenberg Institute for Human Rights (RWI) in Sweden. She is also the founder of the start-up NOIWE- NO INNOVATION WITHOUT EDUCATION, a company offering training and toolkits to public and private organisations via the use of educational models based on principles of critical and transformative pedagogy.

Francesca Cerri, co-producer 

Francesca is a multimedia storyteller who works with community engagement to challenge mainstream narratives. She uses a diversity of approaches and platforms (planning practice, research, artistic projects, and teaching) to highlight the knowledge of underrepresented groups and validate their experience.


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Danila Satragno: voice – accordion – keyboards

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(Freely adapted from the novel-interview of the same name by Maurizio Jannelli and Fernanda Farias | Ediz. Sensibili Alle Foglie – Rome)
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Album: De André – In concerto, (P) Nuvole Production Srl, 1999 – 74321974432, CD, Recorded in 1997/98 in Genova, Carlo Felice Theatre; in Milan, Smerando Theatre; in Rome, Brancaccio Theatre

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