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Visiting students from Germany – ELSA & RWI

ELSA Lund is a local law student association specialising in international law and human rights. They offer, among other things, lectures, seminars and social events to meet like-minded law students. This week, the Raoul Wallenberg Institute’s headquarters welcomed a group of visiting students from Germany for a day of Human Rights oriented lectures.

The aim of this exchange was to highlight the understanding of Human Rights and their link to the law. In order to do so, three lectures were held by RWI.

” International development and Human Rights” – Zuzana Zalanova

visiting students - Zuzana lectureZuzana’s lecture highlighted the importance of human rights for international development- through links between human rights and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as well as concrete tools such as the Human Rights-Based Approach used by development professionals. The lecture also discussed approaches applied when promoting human rights in different contexts.


visiting students “Any interaction with students is a learning experience for both sides. I was glad to learn not only about students’ interest in human rights but also about their engagement to help refugees or other disadvantaged groups around them. This highlights the key role of universities in society and the value of academic freedom, both of which are now relevant more than ever – also in countries like Germany and Sweden,” says Zuzana.

“Human Rights and Cultural Diversity” – Alejandro Fuentes

Through this lecture, the understanding of cultural distinctiveness and human rights was brought forward. Before ending the session on the principle of effectiveness with the European Court of Human Rights, Alejandro invited the students to dig deeper into Cultural Diversity.

A full overview was given on the importance to ensure the existence of a democratic society through the acknowledgement of treating human rights as universal, indivisible, interdependent and interrelated.

  visiting students

“Reflection on Afghanistan and human/women’s Rights” – Farima Nawabi

Focussing on the situation in Afghanistan and understanding the infringement of Human Rights there, was the focus of Farima’s lecture. According to Heater Barr, associate women’s rights director at Human Rights Watch, “what is happening right now in Afghanistan is the most serious women’s rights crisis in the world today”.

Speaking about women’s right in Afghanistan seems like a holy duty and responsibility to me right now. I was touched by the interest that the students showed during the presentation through the interaction and conversation.” says Farima


What did the students think about their day?


visiting student - MuskanWe have a lot of issues and a lot to do with human rights. Especially now with women’s rights in Afghanistan. It was eye-opening to hear another story because my parents are also from Afghanistan, and learning about all the experiences Farima had since last August is the same I experienced at home. My parents fled the country and it’s eye-opening to see that all Afghans had the same experience, although it’s a lot of different human beings, it’s the same experience. This one spoke to me in particular but all the lecturers were really interesting and eye-opening.

Visiting studentChristopher:

I think this goes for all the lecturers today but I felt them all very passionate. All the lectures were very vivid and interesting to listen to.”


It was really good to have this day inside, into the work of the Institute. I learned a lot from your approach not to force some Human Rights onto countries, that probably don’t really want that right now or aren’t comfortable nor familiar with them. To have instead this long-term approach with helping the institutions on-site with finding their own way to implementing human rights.


Human Rights can seem pretty vague, but it was interesting to hear how they actually work with it in practice. More specifically the way they try to human rights in their situations in those countries.

Emmie (Director for Study Visits ELSA Lund):

We had a few different perspectives on Human Rights today.  We talked about the SDGs and sustainable development goals, but also the crisis in Afghanistan and the cultural minorities. Somehow everything is interconnected even though at first glance it can seem like completely different worlds. I really liked when Zuzana said ‘There are Human Rights in everything‘.

visiting students

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