Values in times of crisis: Strategic crisis management in the EU.

Thérèse Murphy, the Raoul Wallenberg Visiting Chair on the Future of Human Rights, is a member of the European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies (EGE). The Group has just published its latest Statement: Values in times of crisis: Strategic crisis management in the EU.

The Statement was handed over in person at the European Parliament on 22 November 2022 by Lund University’s Professor Nils-Eric Sahlin, who is vice-chair of the EGE.

In the Statement, the EGE emphasises that values play an important role in how we understand, make sense of and tackle crises. Values influence how we frame the problems that crisis management is supposed to address, and how we choose the instruments for that. The EGE points to the importance of human dignity and solidarity being at the core of crisis management, with processes of deliberation that make values explicit. It shows how public, common and individual interests are intertwined; it outlines how values should direct the prioritisation of scarce resources; and it highlights the importance of data, good communication and public trust. From these considerations, the EGE draws a set of recommendations for policy makers and other stakeholders.

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The EGE Statement was co-issued with a Scientific Opinion from the European Commission’s Group of Chief Scientific Advisors (GCSA) and an Evidence Review Report from the Consortium of European Science Academy Networks (SAPEA).

Featured picture: Guillaume Périgois 

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