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UN75: The World’s Largest Conversation on Our Future

Together we can learn from peoples across the world how we can improve in tackling the global challenges of our time – Secretary-General António Guterres.

United Nations 75th Anniversary

To mark its 75th anniversary in 2020, the United Nations is igniting a people’s debate: UN75. Launched by UN Secretary-General António Guterres, it promises to be the largest and furthest-reaching global conversation ever on building the future we want.

Through UN75, the United Nations will encourage people to put their heads together to define how enhanced international cooperation can help realize a better world by 2045, the UN’s 100th birthday.

Have Your Say

The Raoul Wallenberg Institute is proud to announce a collaboration with the initiative UN75. The institute encourages everyone to participate in the survey to have their say: https://un75.online/partner/Wallenberg-Institute


Lisa Laskaridis, UN75The United Nations does not want this anniversary to be just another milestone. We want it to be a turning point – bringing people’s hopes, fears and priorities for the future to us, so the UN can better serve them and future generations. The support from the Raoul Wallenberg Institute to disseminate the UN75 survey is most valuable, enabling us to reach and engage more people in this global conversation on our future. – Lisa Laskaridis, UN75

Drive Conversation

In a world of dramatic changes and complex challenges, from the climate crisis to population shifts to the unknown course of technology, we need collective action more than ever before.

While UN75 seeks to drive conversation in all segments of society – from classrooms to boardrooms, parliaments to village halls – it will place special emphasis on youth and those whose voices are too often marginalized. The aim is to reach people from all communities and walks of life.

As the UN is turning 75 this year, at a time of great challenge, we are scaling up our efforts to give voice to the global public and to give people the opportunity to shape its priorities. We want this anniversary to be a moment of reflection, of listening, of coming together as a human family to discuss how we can overcome the big trends shaping our future. We are inviting everyone to have their say. – Lisa Laskaridis says.

What Happens Next?

The views and ideas that are generated will be presented to world leaders and senior UN officials at a high-profile event during the 75th Session of the General Assembly in September 2020, and disseminated online and through partners continuously.

Read more about UN75 here.

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