Kenyan Prison Training

First of a Kind Training for Kenyan Prison Staff

The RWI office in Nairobi was invited last week by the Commandant (Director) of the Prison Staff Training College (PSTC) in Kenya to, for the first time, train prison staff instructors on the UN Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners.

Nine highly experienced Human Rights Officers from different prisons in the country delivered the training to 100 instructors.

“PSTC is an important institution because it is mandated with training all recruits before becoming prison officers, and it also conducts continuous on job trainings,” says Damaris Seina, RWI’s Programme Officer in Nairobi.

She says this step will enhance the sustainability of RWI human rights capacity building initiatives with the Kenya Prison service. Additionally, the discussions about incorporating this kind of human rights training to the PSTC are moving in a positive direction.

This training is practical and delivered in a comprehensible way – it has totally changed my perception towards human rights in prisons and it must reach all staff at PSTC to enhance professionalism in our work.


As a result of the training’s success, RWI has been requested to train all 500 staff members, creating in turn a critical mass across the institution working for systematic and accountable human rights change. Therefore, a similar training is scheduled from the 24th to the 28th of September targeting another 100 staff members.

Where have you been all this time? We hear about this training taking place in stations but never at the college, but it’s never too late, even now we will spread the gospel and be the change agents. This training should reach each and every person working in or with prisons.

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