Wallenberg Chair: Welcoming Thérèse Murphy

We are happy to welcome and to introduce our Wallenberg Chair Thérèse Murphy who will be with the Raoul Wallenberg Institute until August 2024.

Murphy is a professor of law and director of the Health & Human Rights Unit at Queen’s University Belfast. She is also chairperson of the European Master’s on Human Rights and Democratisation, and serves on the Council of the Global Campus of Human Rights. A former Fulbright fellow, she studied law at University College Dublin and the University of Cambridge, and was admitted to the bar at King’s Inns, Dublin.

Her field of expertise is human rights law and practice, with particular interests in health, science and technology, and human rights method.

She is a member of the editorial board of the Human Rights Law Review, associate editor of BMC International Health & Human Rights and co-editor of the Bloomsbury/Hart book series, Law and Health. She sits on the Moral & Ethical Advisory Group established by the UK’s Department of Health and Social Care.

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