NHRIs: Director Morten Kjaerum on What They Do

As we’ve reported earlier, the new Swedish National Human Rights Institution (NHRI) will be placed in Lund. This is something that we at the Raoul Wallenberg Institute is very happy about.

Our Director Morten Kjaerum has vast experience from National Human Rights Institutions. He was among the very few that led one in the early nineties and onwards. At the time, he headed the Danish National Human Rights Institution – the Danish Institute for Human Rights Kjaerum also chaired the international committee that defined the accreditation system and accredits NHRIs.

Today there are over 100 NHRIs across the globe. In this video, Morten explains how they came about and why. He also talks about what they do.

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Photo credit: Chiara Polo, Unsplash
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