The Latvian President Paid a Visit

Last week, we were happy to welcome Egils Levits, the tenth and current President of Latvia since 2019.. He came to visit the Institute and the Lund University in the latter’s premises, as he was attending the Malmö International Forum on the Holocaust. Levits was earlier a Member of the European Court of Justice (2004 to 2019). He was reappointed a Judge of the European Court of Justice, having first been appointed in 2004.

Levits met with the Director of the Raoul Wallenberg Institute, Morten Kjaerum, Programme Director Johannes Eile, Deputy Director Rolf Ring, Director of the Europe Office Zuzana Zalanova, Programme Officer Helena Olsson and Research Director and Senior Researcher Radu Mares to discuss human rights in general. Read more

Vice-Chancellor Erik Renström, from the Lund University participated as well, including other staff from the Lund University.

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