The Escazu Agreement and the Global Biodiversity Framework

The objectives of the side event were a) to catalyze action by various groups to implement the Escazu Agreement and the Global Biodiversity Framework’s (GBF) Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) in a synergetic way and b) advance dialogue on environmental democracy in other regions of the world building on Escazu Agreement’s innovations.

The Escazu Agreements provides insights for a paradigm shift in the CBD – a paradigm shift in which human rights, gender equality, biocultural diversity and intergenerational equity are the basis to achieve conservation, sustainable use and access and benefit sharing.Although it is not perfect, the Kunming Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework is a step in the right direction if it is effectively implemented. GBF’s Target 22 (on access to information, public participation, access to justice and rights of environmental human rights defenders) and Target 22 (on gender equality) are well placed to contribute to this paradigm shift. Effective implementation of these two targets can enable the achievement of all the GBF Targets and comply with the obligations emerging from Convention on Biological Diversity.

See the full description of the event and recording here: 

Official Side Event Video.

Synthesis of the event is available in:





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