Series of Trainings for Trainee Lawyers on Fair Trial Rights of the Suspected and Accused Persons

The Bar Association of the Kingdom of Cambodia in collaboration with the Sala Traju Association and Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law (RWI) have planned to organize a joint series of training on the topic of accused rights at various stages in criminal proceedings to raise awareness and strengthen knowledge of particularly the trainee lawyers and students. The training will be held five times with different topics.

On 07 December 2022, the first series of trainings on Fair Trial Rights (FTR) of the suspected and accused persons was carried out with more than 100 trainees and newly graduated lawyers’ participation. This was considered a very fruitful session as the speakers shared an insightful lecture, experiences, ideas, and values over the topic. The participants were actively engaged in the discussion and questioning sessions. It is believed that lawyers are one of the key actors to play important roles in promoting and protecting human rights, especially those who are being criminally charged and accused. Thus, the series trainings are the additional sources of knowledge and sharing for improving all the participants skills.

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