Women's Day

RWI’s Work on Gender Equality Gains Momentum

Gender equality and human rights are inextricably linked. Everywhere, social norms and power relations create gender-based discrimination. RWI strives to transform these structures and realize human rights for everyone regardless of gender.

One way RWI does this is to emphasise the connection between gender and human rights in all of their work. Gender equality can be linked to a broad range of topics – education, climate change and displacement, to mention a few.

Sebnem Kenis, RWI’s Senior Policy Advisor on Gender and Human Rights, says:

Only two years after it was decided to systematize our gender equality efforts, we are now producing and transferring knowledge on gender and human rights as well as their interlinkages with a broad range of topics.

The effort to contribute to a transformation towards gender equality also goes beyond the institute itself.

RWI provides trainings, workshops, and expertise on gender and human rights to various agents. The audience range from academia and the justice sector to municipalities and corporations.

“We collaborate closely with our partners to better contribute to the efforts for gender equality in the countries that we are operating around the world. We also offer them gender and human rights related guidance and advisory support to help them to better integrate gender into their work and combat gender inequalities relevant to their fields of work,” says Sebnem Kenis.

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