RWI’s engagement with Artificial Intelligence and Human Rights

Artificial intelligence is everywhere in the news these days. RWI is no stranger to the topic, having recently been engaged in two events to highlight the role of AI and its impacts on the protection and enjoyment of human rights. Sue Anne Teo, RWI’s researcher focusing on artificial intelligence and human rights, appeared at a panel on the occasion of Swedwatch’s20th anniversary to speak about business, AI and human rights. More recently, Sue Anne also wrote a report for the European Network of National Human Rights Institutions (ENNHRI) on how national human rights institutions can play a role in safeguarding human rights in the age of AI. This report was presented during ENNHRI’s recent Co-Lab on AI event at Ljubljana, Slovenia on 30 November 2023. Do follow us on social media to receive updates on how RWI’s future engagement in this area!
Photo credit: Jean-Pierre Zeito, Swedwatch
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