Renewed Memorandum with the ICLD Brings about Greater Cooperation

We are happy to announce that we, in December 2021, renewed our memorandum of understanding with the International Centre for Local Democracy (ICLD) and expanded our cooperation with a number of concrete projects.

“The ICLD has contracted us to support them with in the integration of human rights into three of their projects in 2022 with local governments in Sweden and Southern Africa”, says Helena Olsson, Senior Programme Officer, ‘One on research, one on partnerships, and a third related to an international training programme (a so-called ITP).’

The ICLD has long supported research, municipal partnerships, and trainings on local governance and democracy.

In 2021, the ICLD decided to make an explicit focus on human rights a part of their strategies, among others, by creating the Municipal Partnerships for Human Rights | ICLD.

The network started out including 16 municipalities in Sweden, Zambia, South Africa, Botswana, and Mozambique-It is now expanding to more cities as interest grows in Sweden and in other countries in Southern Africa, including Zimbabwe.

Helena Olsson describes each project’s scope:

‘During 2022, we will, firstly, participate in the implementation of a research project that looks at the understanding, implementation, and strategies for human rights in five African and Swedish cities. These cities are part of the aforementioned network.

Secondly, we will participate in a reference group, with lectures and development of a so-called ‘Human Rights Based Approach’ module to support the network.

Thirdly, we will carry out an introductory human rights session as a part of an international training programme for local governments. Finally, we will develop, together with OHCHR economists, a module on local human rights budgeting for network members’.

The total budget for the three projects 2022 is ca 1,1 MSEK.

To learn more, please contact Helena Olsson.

Photo by Hans-Peter Gauster

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