Recording: Inequality is a Human Rights Issue (Almedalen 2021)

Following the Covid-19 pandemic, the world faces a crisis of poverty that has been severely aggravated over the past fifteen months. Years of work eradicating extreme poverty has been brushed away on all continents. Responding to this crisis will be agenda item number one for the global community in the coming years.

Extreme economic inequality is a human rights issue. It has severe human rights implications. It results in individuals not having equal access to fundamental rights such as health, education, housing and other services essential to the enjoyment of economic and social rights.

It also hinders people to get equal access to justice and to political participation. Inequality causes  poverty and social exclusion. Those in turn, can result in conflict, social unrest and insecurity.

We participated at Almedalen online and talked about what the world looks like in terms of inequality. We also shared what human rights based approach is, and finally, showed a concrete example of how a human rights based approach and perspective can be used to address inequality at a hospital in Sweden.

Check out the recording from Almedalen (Altitude Meetings) 
The panel:

Esmé Berkhout

Esmé Berkhout is Chief Human Economist at Oxfam Novib. She has worked as policy advisor within Oxfam’s global campaign against extreme inequality for over 10 years, with specialisation in how to address extreme inequality through fiscal justice and through systemic economic reforms.

Helena Olsson

Helena Olsson, Programme Officer at the Raoul Wallenberg Institute, has a Master Degree in Political Science with focus on Human Rights, Peace and Democracy from Lund University. She has worked with development, human rights and in the humanitarian field since 2001.



Henry Ascher

Henry Ascher is a professor in public health and a pediatrician at Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg and Angered Hospital. His areas of research and teaching include migration, health and human rights.



Anders Mildner

Anders Mildner will moderate. He is a former journalist with 20 years experience in news, opinion and culture. Today, he works as a concept and content developer as well as moderator for Altitude Meeting’s conferences as well as others. He frequently lectures on fake news, viral lies, and populism.

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