Pen Afghanistan, Open Afghanistan

Afghanistan Pen, Open Afghanistan, September,29, 2023

The “Pen Afghanistan, Open Afghanistan” event was held on 29th September in Gothenburg, Sweden. The main objective of the event was to celebrate the beauty of Afghan-Swedish literature and translation. Through the power of literature and translation, the event brought together icons of Afghan culture to inspire and bridge cultural divides. The talented musicians played beautiful music, which added a unique and inspiring touch to the event and left a lasting impression on all attendees. The event was a powerful contribution to the preservation and promotion of Afghan culture in Sweden. It reminded us of the importance of cultural exchange and understanding, and how it can be a key factor in bringing people of different cultures together.

During the event, Mr. Richard Bennett, the UN Special Rapporteur on Afghanistan, was invited as a special guest to discuss how the Afghan diaspora can promote their culture. The focus was on the cultural rights of Afghan citizens, which are currently under threat due to the violation of these rights by de facto authorities in Afghanistan. The discussion highlighted the importance of the Afghan diaspora in promoting these cultural rights outside of Afghanistan, especially for minority ethnic groups who are particularly vulnerable and at serious risk of losing their cultural identity.

The United Nations Special Rapporteur (UNSR) provided detailed responses to inquiries from various audiences regarding the enhancement of international involvement with Afghanistan. The focus was primarily on safeguarding cultural and other fundamental rights that are currently being violated by the de facto Taliban. The UNSR’s responses highlighted the importance of international engagement in ensuring that these rights are protected and promoted. The UNSR provided insights on the measures that the international community can take to ensure the promotion of these rights. The UNSR’s responses were comprehensive and informative, providing valuable guidance to those seeking to increase international engagement with Afghanistan.

The event featured poets, music by Salam Jawid, and dinner with organizers.

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