Call for Applications: Online Course on the Nexus Between Anti-Corruption and Human Rights

The Raoul Wallenberg Institute and the Swedish Institute Against Corruption invite you to a two-week online course on the nexus between corruption and human rights. 

When: 11-22 October 2021                                                                                                                                Where: Online on Zoom and Canvas                                                                                                                          Apply by: October 1

Corruption is recognized as one of the biggest impediments, locally and globally, for the realization of human rights and for the achievement of sustainable development. Corruption diverts funds intended for investment in public services, erodes the rule of law, distorts justice systems, interferes with political processes and affects delivery of public services, such as the right to education and access to adequate health care, just to give a few examples. Despite this, we rarely see anti-corruption standards and mechanisms being highlighted as a tool to ensure the respect for and protection of human rights, or vice-versa.

With the view to bring these two fields closer together and put in evidence the benefits of combining anti-corruption and human rights mechanisms, the Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law (RWI) and the Swedish Institute Against Corruption (IMM) invite you to a two-week online course, from 11-22 October 2021.

The online course will explore the nexus between corruption and human rights, and provide an overview of how the international human rights system (including standards, principles and mechanisms) can contribute to the prevention of corruption.

The overall objective of this online course is to introduce the complementarity and mutually re-enforcing relationship between anti-corruption work and human rights work. The online course aims at increasing the knowledge and skills among participants on how to identify human rights-based opportunities for the fight against corruption and possibilities for cooperation between different actors in society. Furthermore, the participants will be introduced to the fundamentals of human rights due diligence and anti-bribery and corruption compliance programmes. The idea is to stimulate a discussion about a more active contribution of human rights in the fight against corruption.

It is expected that the representatives, through participation in the online course, will be better equipped to contribute to reforms and related initiatives highlighting the nexus between corruption and human rights, aiming at the prevention of corruption as a means of protecting human rights.

The online course will be taught in English and is open for representatives from the public and private sectors, civil society organizations, international organizations and academia, working with or interested in human rights, development and anti-corruption.

The course will combine a self-paced and an expert-led approach, with expected workload of 5h per week: 4h of self-paced work on Canvas and 1h of expert-led live discussion on Zoom.
The course fee amount to SEK 5000 excl. VAT.

RWI and IMM kindly invite you to send an application, no later than 1 October 2021, including a motivation letter (max 250 words), including a description of your role and employer/organization and your expectations towards the course.

Please send the application via the registration link. The motivation letter and questions please send by e-mail to

We hope to see you there!

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