New Interview Series from the Phnom Penh Office: The Swedish Ambassador to Cambodia

As the first part of a new interview-series, the RWI Phnom Penh Office spoke with the Swedish ambassador to Cambodia about the present and future of Cambodia-Swedish relations. 

In light of the closure of the Swedish embassy in Phnom Penh and its relocation to Bangkok, Swedish ambassador Björn Häggmark sat down with us to talk about development, international relations and what the future might bring.

“Sweden and Cambodia may be far from each other geographically. But we share the same future. Learning from our different experiences and finding ways forward together is important”

Among the topics were the Covid-19 crisis and its impact on Cambodian society, and upcoming challenges such as environment, integrity, and development. He emphasizes that although Cambodia has come a long way many people are still in vunerable positions.

Simultaneously he underlines the presense of energy and high expectations for the future. The ambassador shares his hopes for the next few years, including the Cambodian institution’s commitment to protecting human rights and freedoms in order to create an open and inclusive society.

Watch the interview below:

This interview is the start of a series of interviews that RWI Cambodia will conduct with different players and stakeholders in Cambodia.

We look forward to share our upcoming interviews with you!

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