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New Human Rights Cities Network Launched

The Human Rights Cities Network will mark the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by launching their online platform to the public today.

The network aims to provide a place for people to connect and promotes the expansion of cities that protect, promote and fulfil human rights.

The founder and Director of the Human Rights Cities Network, Frédérique Hanotier, says that the Network will promote the development of human rights in Europe and beyond.

Our vision is to help make human rights a reality for every citizen, in every city. Using human rights as a foundation, we focus on leaving no one behind.

The network will be formally launched during the International Conference “Cities for Rights” in Barcelona, on the 11 December 2018.

The Human Rights Cities Network applies knowledge on what constitutes a human rights city and how existing cities can be advanced. The network promotes the advantages of becoming a human rights city and supports new members in many ways.

We are putting individual rights at the centre of public policies; and empowering cities to make urban settings a place of equal opportunity for all. Combined, we hope people can live in peace and dignity, says Hanotier.

RWI Director Morten Kjaerum, will serve as a member of the advisory board and says the network is an important way to connect different aspects of RWI’s work.

The Raoul Wallenberg Institute is working with human rights on many different levels  local, regional and global. This initiative pulls together the experiences from all across Europe on human rights cities at both a practical and research level.  So it is great to see research institutions involved as well.

Find out more about RWI’s work with Human Rights Cities here. 

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