Meet Victoria Heisler – Raoul Wallenberg Institutes new Librarian!

Victoria Heisler has just moved to Malmö from Vermont in the US. Originally, she is from both Germany and the US and has grown up in both counties.

Before joining us at the RWI she has been a school librarian, a youth service librarian and most recently an executive director of a youth arts non-profit. She has also worked as an archivist within academic libraries where she has been working with indigenous materials.

In elementary school, Victoria had an incredibly good librarian who encouraged her to explore all her interests in books. Victoria explains how having this adult mentor helping her find topics and subjects that excited her was incredibly beneficial. She explains how she wanted to learn just as much as possible and how her librarian always encouraged her to learn more and did her best to find Victoria resources that met her where she was at.

Victoria describes herself as someone who likes to know a little about a lot and how librarianship lets you explore so many different topics. Every time students come with a research question Victoria explains how she gets to dive into the topic and get excited about it to be able to get the student the information they need.

“I am a person who likes to know a little about a lot, I find myself getting really excited about topics and going into them and librarianship is really awesome for that”

For Victoria, one of the best aspects of libraries is that they are very indicative of a healthy democracy. She describes how “If you have a good library system chances are you have a very good democratic system”, she says. She expresses how this is something you see all over the world and for her, this is the most interesting and inspiring part of being a librarian.

“If you have a good library system chances are you have a very good democratic system”

Now, as the librarian of our amazing library, she looks forward to everything! She has a special interest in the collection focused on human rights as that is very tangential to the work she has done before, both in the arts and as an archivist. As Victoria worked with indigenous materials as an archivist for many years, she is excited to get involved within that focus area. She does also look forward to working closely with the students and researchers. But also, to work with other librarians’ professions and help them build their Human Rights library in the best way possible.

Victoria Heisler

Victoria Heisler

Senior Librarian


Victoria Heisler is an experienced librarian, archivist, educator, and non-profit administrator. She received her Master of Library and Information Science with a concentration in archive management from Simmons College. She also holds a dual Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education and English Literature with minors in writing and art.

Prior to RWI, she was the Executive Director of In-Sight Photography Project, a non-profit that offers financially accessible visual arts programming for youth. She has also been both a school librarian and youth services librarian in rural New England. As an archivist, she worked with the head of special collections of Keene State College on the Orang Asli Archives, a research collection documenting the history and culture of the indigenous peoples of Peninsular Malaysia.


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