Learn with Lena: International Day of Democracy

This month we highlight the International day of Democracy that falls on the 15th of September. 

If you are interested in learning more about democratisation and autocratisation, this is what Lena, out librarian at the Raoul Wallenberg Institute recommends you to read:





Models of Democracy

David Held, Third edition, 2006







Democracy, Conflict and Human Security: Pursuing Peace in the 21st Century.

Judith Large and Timothy D. Sisk (International IDEA), 2006

Find the book at shelf 48:1 at the RWI-Library.






Twilight of Democracy

Anne Applebaum, 2020







Authoritarian police in democracy: Contested Security in Latin America

Yanilda María González, 2021







EU Human Rights and Democratization Policies: Achievements and Challenges

Felipe Gómez Isa, Cristina Churruca Muguruza and Jan Wouters, 2018

Find the book at shelf 62:5 at the RWI-Library.






The Architecture of Democracy: Constitutional Design, Conflict Management and Democracy

Andrew Reynolds, 2002

Find the book at shelf 48:1 at the RWI-Library.




Webites and other interesting sources of information on democracy: 

The International IDEA


Professor Jan Teorell, Department of Political Science at Lund University


  • The Edge of Democracy (Netflix) 
  • What is Democracy (Amazon video) 
  • The Vote (SVTplay) – Only available in Sweden
  • Länge Leve Demokratin (SVTplay) – Available world wide. In Swedish with no subtitles.   

To learn more about the International Day of Democracy 2022, click here.

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