Joint Workshop for the three Independent Commissions in Zimbabwe

From 21-22 November 2023, RWI Harare Office in cooperation with three independent commissions in Zimbabwe namely, the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission (ZHRC), Zimbabwe Gender Commission (ZGC) and Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) conducted a joint workshop to develop joint actions and identifying priority areas addressing the relationship between human rights, gender equality and corruption as regards, inter alia research, educational activities and awareness raising, investigations, referrals, advocacy and international reporting.

The workshop was a follow-up on the areas of collaboration that were agreed upon in the initial workshop for ZACC, ZHRC and ZGC that was conducted in December 2022 which addressed the potential for future cooperation and explored the role of joint initiatives and activities in combating corruption, advancing gender equality and promoting human rights in Zimbabwe. The workshop also provided an opportunity to the three independent commissions to present the targets and activities based on the identified areas of cooperation with RWI in 2024 and beyond.

Five representatives from each Commission attended the workshop drawn from managers and officers from different departments. The workshop was facilitated by Farai Chiweshe, Independent consultant and Morten Koch Andersen, Deputy Director Research and Education, Senior Researcher, RWI. The workshop was conducted under the Zimbabwe Human Rights Capacity Development Programme 2019-2023 funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida).

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