Meet Ms. Thida Sreng – Raoul Wallenberg Institute Scholarship Recipient!

Thida Sreng was one of the Raoul Wallenberg Institute scholars in Bachelor of Laws in the English Language Based Bachelor of Law Program (ELBBL) at the Royal University of Law and Economics (RULE) in Cambodia, as well as the Master of the International Human Rights Law at the Lund University in Sweden. She is currently working as a chief officer in the department of the United Nations, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MFAIC).

To Thida, the Raoul Wallenberg Institute scholarship has provided a life changing experience, especially in developing her legal knowledge through the teaching methodology that provoke a good habit of reading, self-studying, researching and analyzing; networking with students from around the world and becoming an independent person.

“The Raoul Wallenberg Institute’s scholarship has acted as the stepping stone for my future endeavor to pursue a PhD degree and to become the female Cambodian ambassador. The knowledge of human rights law that I have gained from the 22 months at Lund University has assisted me to understand, synthesize and analyze the country reports and the UN resolutions related to international law, human rights and humanitarian laws, which are part of my present career” said Thida.

Thida believes that the Raoul Wallenberg Institute scholarship has significantly helped strengthen human rights knowledge in the Cambodian society, especially in the legal field and helped increase the number of women in the legal profession, in Cambodia.

Learn more about the Cambodia programme here !

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