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The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is just as important and relevant today as it was when the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed and adopted it in 1948.  This was the first document in the history of the world, that articulated the rights and freedoms that each and every human being is entitled to.


All over the globe, this precious document is used to tell right from wrong. It paves the way for a just and decent future for all.


With this tool we can fight violation of our human rights, oppression and impunity.


The Declaration is the most translated of all publications. The commitment of the United Nations to human rights stems from the Organization’s founding Charter.
The international community has a duty to uphold and defend these rights. Let us ensure that those people who most need their rights protected find out that this Declaration exists — and that it exists for them. Let us each do our part to make these universal rights a living reality for every man, woman and child, everywhere. Help us spread the word.

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