Expanding Our Engagement in Armenia

New agreement in place. Zuzana Zalanova, Director of the Europe Office, RWI

With Sida’s support in the coming three years, we will be able to expand our engagement with various stakeholders in Armenia – to make their commitment to human rights more systemic and strategic while based on both human rights theory and practice. 

We talked to Zuzana Zalanova, Director of the Europe Office:

What will the new Armenia Programme focus on?

The new Programme presents a holistic approach to human rights promotion. We will be working with local partners from different backgrounds to:

1) support drafting strategies and policies
2) help implement them with new knowledge and skills; and
3) monitor and evaluate their impact.

This programme is very unique as it enables us to work across sectors: engaging policy makers from ministries, practitioners from justice sector and corrections, ombudsinstitutions, academia as well as civil society.

We aspire to promote human rights holistically – through collaboration of actors that don’t usually work with each other.

What are you looking forward to the most?

It would be rewarding to see the exchange among various stakeholders in reality, as going beyond the respective comfort zones and silos often brings fresh perspectives and new solutions to chronical issues.

The context of Armenia is not an easy one- fragile and highly polarised- but our experience from the past two years in Armenia and almost 40 years globally has shown that RWI can inspire a constructive dialogue on human rights also in difficult environments.

Learn more

You are welcome to learn about our engagement so far here. Stay tuned for updates in early 2023.


Photo: Unsplash, Gabriella Henderson

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