Development of an Internal Standards and Compliance Office

As part of the MoU based cooperation with Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Service (ZPCS), RWI Harare Office in cooperation with the ZPCS, carried out a workshop to discuss the development of an international standards and compliance office at ZPCS from 4-7 December.

The workshop brought together 22 senior officers from different departments at ZPCS and elaborated the possible role and mandate of an international standards and compliance office, by providing international experiences and discussing what an office could look like in Zimbabwe. Some of the possible functions discussed by the participants were on internal inspections, training and advisory services relating to international prison standards. The workshop also elaborated on the structure of such an office and the different positions needed to fill it. The result from the workshop was a draft proposal for establishment of the office, to be further refined and submitted to the Commissioner-General for his consideration.

The workshop was facilitated by Josh Ounsted, together with Charity Irungu from the Kenya Prisons Service. The workshop falls under the Zimbabwe Human Rights Capacity Development Programme 2019-2023 with funding from the embassy of Sweden in Zimbabwe.

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