Cambodia Gets First National Research Initiative

RWI’s Cambodia programme is now launching its the first national human rights research initiative.

The initiative aims to strengthen the capacities of researchers and lecturers at academic institutions to effectively conduct standardized human rights research and to increase the number of published academic human rights papers in Cambodia.

It is part of RWI’s Capacity Development Programme in Cambodia and will be conducted in both Khmer and English languages so that all universities in Cambodia, regardless of whether they use English as the means of communication, may also take part.

The initiative will consist of an initial human rights research-focused workshop, a mentorship programme and the participants’ individual research. Participants’ research should focus on the connections between human rights and any of the following areas: Fair Trial Rights, Rights of People with Disabilities, Environment and Sustainable Development, Business and Human Rights or Gender.

The initiative is organised with financial support from Swedish Development Cooperation and costs related to the initiative are covered by RWI’s Cambodia Programme.


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