Award Activity: ‘Becoming a Fulbright Distinguished Scholar is a Unique Possibility’

scholarsThe Fulbright Distinguished Scholar is co-hosted by the Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law (RWI) and the Law Faculty at Lund University (LU). The aim is to promote collaboration between human rights scholars in the United States and Sweden.

Founded in 1666, Lund University is now the largest site of higher education and research in the Nordic countries, with its 42,500 students and 6,000 faculty and staff. The Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and  Humanitarian Law (RWI) is an independent academic institution, established in 1984, which promotes human rights through research, training and education. It has one of the largest human rights libraries in northern Europe. The RWI offers a two-year undergraduate program in human rights and two master’s programs, one of which is in international human rights law and the other in human rights and intellectual property rights law.

The RWI offers human rights capacity building programmes in Sweden and abroad, carries out applied or policy-based research and issues five series of publications, as well as related books and journals. For additional information about the host institution, click here. The city of Lund, situated in the dynamic Oresund region in southern Sweden, is one of the oldest cities in Sweden. It has approximately 100,500 residents and is the 12th largest municipality in Sweden. It has a larger percentage of its population with a university education (58 percent) than the national average (29 percent).

Being a Fulbright Distinguished Scholar is a unique possibility:

Length and Period of the Award

Grants are available for one semester or an academic year with a preference for a full academic year.

Areas of Interest

We will consider all topics within the area of international human rights law, in particular human rights issues concerning access to justice, inequalities, business, climate change, health, and security. We encourage applicants to visit the respective websites of the Law Faculty and the RWI for further detail regarding focus areas and research environments.

Special Features

A fully furnished apartment is available through the academic host and covered by the award. For grantees choosing to live elsewhere, a housing allowance of up to SEK 9 000 (approx $1,050) will be provided.

Responsibilities: What we expect from you

During the period of appointment, as aFulbright Distinguished Scholar, you will:

Do research

  • Carry out research on topics of preference in the field of international human rights law with a view to publication of journal articles, books, or book chapters.
  • Stimulate the academic environment in Lund through organisation and participation in seminars and research workshops related to human rights


  • Design and teach a five-week long optional course on a current topic of human rights law at the master program in international human rights law
  • Consider occasional teaching and training on human rights in other faculties at LU and non-academic institutions in the Lund region

Mentor and collaborate

You should be willing to act as a mentor for master students and early career researchers and you will nurture dynamics to facilitate academic outputs and funding applications. You will collaborate with colleagues at the Law Faculty and RWI to strengthen  collaborations, and contribute to new multi-disciplinary initiatives related to human rights at Lund University.  We also expect you to take an interest in RWI’s capacity-strengthening programmes and explore ways to engage with RWI offices in Asia, Africa, and Europe. Read more  

Location: At RWI or Faculty of Law, Lund

The award will be undertaken either at Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law and/or Lund University.


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