RWI in Armenia: A productive visit

Between the 13th and the 15th of September, a strong RWI led team, constituted of six colleagues and three international experts, travelled to Yerevan, Armenia, to support national RWI activities.

If the visit was made challenging due to the context of escalating violence in the region, it was extremely productive in strengthening local partnerships and furthering the implementation of international human rights standards in the country.

The RWI team held a number of events and implementation activities, engaging with local partners and stakeholders such as the Ministry of Justice, the Academy of Justice, the office of Human Rights Defender and American University of Armenia.

Advancing RWI’s partnership with the Ministry of Justice, the team notably offered support in the introduction of international human rights standard to representatives of all prisons in Armenia and by assisting local judges and prosecutors to better identify and address the occurrence of torture in Armenian society.

The visit also reinforced cooperation with the American University of Armenia and led to the establishing of new contacts with other universities in Yerevan and in the regions, contributing to RWI’s engagements with academia. Academia orientated activities aimed to inspire local academics to better address legal needs of vulnerable groups through clinical legal education, and, strengthen cooperation between academic and civil society representatives to produce human rights research.

All in all, RWI’s visit was extremely successful and the Institute looks forward to continuing its engagement in Armenia with the support of Sida.

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