Activity summary for the second week of COP27

What did the Asia Pacific representation of the Raoul Wallenberg Institute do during the final week of COP27?

“Putting human rights at the heart of climate action through action through empowering youth on climate change.”

During the second week of the COP27 meeting in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, The Raoul Wallenberg Institute Asia Pacific team has continued its activities in promoting the interlinkages between human rights, gender equality, climate change, business, and the environment. During the second week of COP27 were Windi Arini, the program officer for inclusive societies, organized a side event. The event took place at the Youth and Children pavilion with youth groups from the Stockholm +50 task force, AYF, YECAP, UNDP, and UN Environmental Programme. They discussed putting human rights at the heart of climate action through action through empowering youth on climate change.

Further, the discussion featured a range of youth and expert speakers, namely Saher Baig of the Stockholm +50 Youth Task Force, Rosalind Ratana of the ASEAN Youth Forum, Cathy Li of YECAP, Fairda Malem of the Thai ACE (Action for Climate Empowerment) Focal Point, and Romchat Wachirarattanakornkul of OHCHR. The event was moderated by John Leo C. Algo from YECAP. A news article and recorded videos of the event can be accessed here.

COP27 Protests

The second week, we saw an impromptu protest in the midst of the COP27 blue zone in Sharm El Sheikh. The protest was organized by participants addressing the world leaders to work on system change, and one of the words emblazoned on the protestors’ signs was “system change,” not “climate change.” The issue of climate justice and climate action also emerged, and they said on their sign that there is no climate justice without human rights. The bad news that we heard about the COP27 protest is that everyone who was involved in the protest had their COP27 badges revoked by the organizer. See videon from it here.

Saudi Green Initiative

At COP27, between the blue zone and green zone, we discovered a place called the Saudi Green Initiative. The place is basically a showcase for Saudi Arabia’s plans to make the country greener by 2030. The new city called Neom (The Line), is one of the Saudi Green Initiatives. It was nice to visit during COP27; it featured many green technologies and approaches being adopted by the country. The place looks quite unique as well, because it has two big dome tents that has a glow green at night. To visit the Saudi Green Initiative, visitors need to be registered online or at the location.

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