2017 Human Rights Research Grant Program, Turkey

RWI Türkiye Programi – 2017 İnsan Hakları Araştırmaları Hibe Programı  Türkçe açıklama için tıklayınız

Application for the RWI-Human Rights Research Grant for Turkey (HRRG) has started. The main goal of the RWI-Human Rights Research Grant is to enhance the human rights law education and to support human rights research capacity at the academic institutions in Turkey.

Deadline for submission of the research proposal is 23 April 2017.

Maximum amount for each research is 15.000 TL.

Research proposals must be relevant to contemporary human rights issues in Turkey. The planned duration of the research study should be maximum of six months and submission date of the completed research should not exceed 29 December 2017.

For more detailed information and application form please visit https://tr.surveymonkey.com/r/IHAHP2017

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