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Lena Olsson presents: New Arrivals – Books and Journals

Some Interesting Titles

  • Kjaerum, Morten (ed.), COVID-19 and human rights, Routledge, 2021
    This timely collection brings together original explorations of the COVID-19 pandemic and its wide-ranging, global effects on human rights. The contributors argue that a human rights perspective is necessary to understand the pervasive consequences of the crisis while focusing attention on those being left behind and providing a necessary framework for the effort to “build back better.” Expert contributors to this volume address interconnections between the COVID-19 crisis and human rights to equality and non-discrimination, including historical responses to pandemics, populism and authoritarianism, and the rights to health, information, water access, and the environment.
  • Christian Olaf Christiansen and Steven L.B Jensen (eds.),  Histories of global inequality : new perspectives, Palgrave Macmillan, 2020
    This book argues that inequality is not just about numbers, but is also about lived, historical experience. It supplements economic research and offers a comprehensive stocktaking of existing thinking on global inequality and its historical development. The book is interdisciplinary, drawing upon regional and national perspectives from around the world while seeking to capture the multidimensionality and multi-causality of global inequalities. Grappling with what economics offers – as well as its blind spots – the study focuses on some of today’s most relevant and pressing themes: discrimination and human rights, defences and critiques of inequality in history, decolonization, international organizations, gender theory, the history of quantification of inequality and the history of economic thought. The historical case studies featured respond to the need for wider historical research and to calls to examine global inequality in a more holistic manner. The Introduction ‘Chapter 1 Histories of Global Inequality: Introduction’ is open access under a CC BY 4.0 license via
  • Kramer, Matthew H., Freedom of expression as self-restraint, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2021
    ToC: Components of a theory of freedom of expression —  Legitimate restrictions — Governmental self-restraint and individual self-respect —  Pornography, subordination, and silencing —  Hatred, dignity, and freedom of expression —  Conclusion: the principle of freedom of expression in practice

These books were published 2021 and are available at the Raoul Wallenberg Library.

Spotlighted Journals – Open Access

Accord: African Journal on Conflict Resolution

Issue 1 2021:

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