Master in Economics

New master: Human Rights in the Global Economy

The ‘Human Rights in the Global Economy’ is a planned master program at Lund University and a collaboration between RWI and School of Economics and Management, in partnership with UN (Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights).

Expected to commence in 2024, this will be a 2 year, full-time program. It will offer students a novel blend of practical experience and theoretical insight in a multidisciplinary setting.

A multidisciplinary master: it is open to students with a Bachelor’s degree in law, economics, business administration, international relations, or development studies.

A one semester internship with OHCHR or other economic organizations during the 2nd year.

On-going work aims to set up similar master programs in the Global South in collaboration with top tier universities in Asia, Africa, Latin America. The aim is to scale up and create in the next 5 years an RWI-OHCHR umbrella and network of 5-6 master programs and universities interacting with each other.

Background: The master is one output of the RWI-UN partnership started in 2021 in support of the Surge Initiative at the OHCHR. RWI-UN Partnership

RWI has explored these issues also in the final conference of the project ‘Future of Human Rights’. This was a panel discussion with Philip Alston, Daniela Gabor, Jayati Ghosh and Louis J. Kotzé. Video available here.