Human Rights and Humanitarian Law in Ukraine

Here you can find Blog posts concerning human rights and humanitarian law in Ukraine written by RWI’s affiliated scholars and students.

• “The Russia-Ukraine War: Who and What Can Be Targeted Under International Humanitarian Law” by John Cerone (March 2022)
• “Resolving the Conflict between Russia and Ukraine” by Dan Kuwali (April 2022)
• “Compelling Russia to Stop the Aggression in Ukraine” by Dan Kuwali (May 2022)
• “Claims of Genocide and other International Crimes in the Russia-Ukraine Conflict” by John Cerone (May 2022)
• “Can war crimes trials in Ukraine convince Russians to stop supporting the war?” by Lyal S. Sunga (June 2022)
• “ICC Jurisdiction and the Russian Invasion of Ukraine” by Monyneath Men (July 2022)
• “The Russia-Ukraine War and the Obligation to Care for Enemy Wounded” by John Cerone (November 2022)
• “Will Russia’s War Kill the Rule of Law in Ukraine and Europe?” by Lyal S. Sunga (December 2022)
• “Can Cybercrimes Be War Crimes?” interview with Katrin Nyman Metcalf (February 2023)
• “War is the Ultimate Violation of Human Rights” by Ellen Albertsdottir and Lena Halldenius (March 2023)
• “The UN Day 2023: ‘Ukrainian test’ for reassessing strengths and weaknesses” by an LLM student Mariia Klius (October 2023)
• “Queers fighting for Ukraine and Ukraine’s fight for queers” by an LLM student Mariia Klius (November 2023)

Raoul Wallenberg Talks #2: What are war crimes & crimes against humanity?

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