Guidelines for Blogging

• Type of text: blog post providing analysis, reflections and perspectives in a clear and concise manner with a view to contribute to new knowledge and thinking on human rights. .
• Tone of voice: Please strive to follow the RWI language guidelines: Plain English, inclusive and effective language. Please, avoid jargon.
• Your content. Please make sure that your post reflects original work .
• The post should provide relevant background information to make it accessible to readers from around the world.
• Length: Please write between 800-1000 words.
• Headline. Please add a headline that describes the topic, catches the eye and includes focus keywords [for SEO purposes] (searchability)
• (Please use headings and subheadings to break up long chunks of text – or we will add them.)
• Foot notes. Avoid these, please. But, do add sources or tips for further reading.
• Hyperlinks. Please include links to relevant sources and background information, including any laws, treaties or other legal texts which are mentioned. Please note: link only to trustworthy sources.
• Proofread. Please make sure that your post is fully proofread.
• Images: we are happy to receive suggestions or thoughts on images for your post. Additional resources. We are happy to post links to/or:
o Videos
o Infographics
o Slideshows
o Podcasts
o Tables
o Charts and graphs

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